Sitemap - 2023 - The Line

Dispatch from the Front Line: In which we express gratitude in a really depressing rant

Tim Thurley: How the great Canadian gun compromise was destroyed

Matt Gurney: Are we lying about our values, or do we just think everything will fix itself?

Andrew Potter: Why won't the police enforce the law?

Peter Menzies: A tiny spark of hope in another soul-crushing round of CRTC hearings

Dispatch from the Front Line: Go home, politicians. Rest up. And maybe just stay there.

The Line Podcast: Trudeau chooses Hamas

Flipping the Line: Always look on the bright side of (trench warfare)

Andrew Potter: Ukraine, and the West, face a dark reckoning

Adam Zivo: "Safe supply" drugs are flooding communities: the evidence piles up

Dispatch from the Front Line: We need an antidote, not more poison in a blue bottle

The Line Podcast: What should have brought down Justin Trudeau

Jen Gerson: Just do your job, Jyoti

Allan Stratton: How to criticize Israel without sounding like a bigot

Harrison Ruess: Canada's military policy is a 'Kobayashi Maru' in the making

Dispatch from the Front Line: The government is bad at governmenting

The Line Podcast: We won't let you die in a ditch

Peter Menzies: Government surrenders to Google

Brian Henry: When the NDP sounds like the Ayatollah

Jen Gerson: How paltry the return

Dispatch from the Front Line: Vive les rues libres de Montreal!

The Line Podcast: All Politicians Are Killing Journalism

Andrew Potter: If the ROC can't bother, why should Quebec?

Laurent Carbonneau: Canada has economic problems. AI can help

Dispatch from the Front Line: Are ordinary Jewish people fair targets for Palestinian resistance, or not?

The Line Podcast: We really wish we were still talking about the carbon tax

Kristin Raworth and Ariella Kimmel: Believing almost all women

Nick Kadysh: Progressives, there are extremists in your midst

Andrew Tumilty: How long can Ford's luck hold?

Harrison Ruess: People tried to 'contextualize' things in the 1930s, too

Dispatch from The Front Line: Time for some thoughts and prayers, then, eh?

The Line Podcast: Joly wants to ‘convene’ Hamas while Montreal Jewish sites get torched and shot

Andrew Potter: The real end of the 20th century

Ken Boessenkool: The carbon tax is dead. Long live the carbon tax

Matt Gurney: What I watched Hamas do

Matt Gurney: In desperate search for some consistent standards

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Trudeau's gonna steer the Liberal car right into a snowy ditch

The Line Podcast: The Three Curses of Justin Trudeau: Carbon Tax, Costumes, and Carney

Harrison Ruess: Did the Liberals actually think this carbon tax thing through?

Flipping the Line: Not all Academics!

Andrew Potter: Matthew Perry was at the centre of the Gen X scene

Vincent Rigby: Where is Canada's strategy for a world in crisis?

Dispatch from The Front Lines: Trudeau, having wrecked the carbon tax, will now kick women out of cabinet

The Line Podcast: Justin Trudeau’s catastrophic carbon tax comeuppance

Peter Menzies: AI is coming. Is our government ready?

Update and apology from The Line

Ken Boessenkool: Poilievre doesn't want to just win. He wants to win big

Jen Gerson: This is a real mask-off moment for the left, eh?

Dispatch from the Front Lines: The eager pivot back to Israel hating

The Line Podcast: The Day Israel blew up a hospital in Gaza — but didn't.

Kaveh Shahrooz: Aid to Ukraine is not charity

Philippe Lagassé: Time to worry about our warships

Meaghie Champion: Stop using "decolonization" as a fig leaf for Hamas

Dispatch from the Front Line: Waiting for the bad things to start again

The Line Podcast: Canada's proggies can't help but love genocidal death cult Hamas

SCOOP: The government tried to spin us about Israel, and we have proof

Matt Gurney: This time, Twitter was real life

Dispatch from the Front Lines: This has been a terrible weekend. Enjoy your turkey.

The Line Podcast: The panicky late-stage Liberals are going to destroy the media

Rahim Mohamed: When big diasporas meet big data

Jen Gerson: Do not comply

Steve Lafleur: A reason to be optimistic on housing — no, really. I'm serious.

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Canada is so, so embarrassing sometimes

How to keep up with all that we're doing here at The Line and support our growth

The Line Podcast: Never go Full Nazi. Canada flips off its allies. And the NWC debate (again)

Andrew Tumilty: Two governments, two parties, one problem: bad issues management

John Michael McGrath: Why carve up the Greenbelt? Suburban nostalgia

Important Update from The Line

Andrew Potter: Canada's shame is Ukraine's disaster

Dispatch from the Front Line: An opulent massage for your brain

The Line Podcast: Trudeau vs. India. Alberta vs. the CPP. Ford flips on the greenbelt. “Parent rights” and/or “hate” marches in the streets

Matt Gurney: We are an extremely naive country and reality is going to punch us in the face

Aftab Ahmed: Our coming constitutional crisis

Flipping the Line: No, legislatures can’t be financially liable for passing legislation

Meet The Line: October 18 in Toronto!

Ken Boessenkool: A successful convention is a key step on the path to victory

Andrew MacDougall: Stoics, social media, and a lesson on how to be(come) insensitive

Dispatch from the Front Line: Kill supply management or FOAD

The only thing more screwed than Trudeau's government is the media

Andrew Tumilty: Trudeau can still win — no, really. Here's how

Tim Thurley: Read those polls carefully, Liberals. The fine print will disappoint you.

Nick Kadysh: Canada's new gilded age

Mitch Heimpel: It's time for the Trudeau conversation

Dispatch from the Front Line: The next well-meaning genocide takes shape

If the Liberals death spiral, how good does Poilievre need to be, anyway?

Matt Gurney: Facebook is fun again

Christine Van Geyn and Josh Dehaas: Governments should pay for passing unconstitutional legislation

Peter Menzies: Get ready to shut up

Dispatch from the Front Line: Reporter owns home, housing crisis ensues

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.58: Oh, joy, the trans culture war is here

Jen Gerson: I asked some questions about our disaster response plans. My insides hurt now

Response from Public Safety

Leonid Sirota: On political funding, we must pick from among bad options

Dispatch from the Front Line: More petty-ante beer-league bullshit

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.57: The Matt came back, and thinks we're dumb

Rahim Mohamed: Anita Anand, pain sponge

Jen Gerson: Facebook DGAF

Flipping the Line: Restoring the per-vote subsidy won't help, and might hurt

Dispatch from The Front Line: Canada, land of the strong, wealthy, and well connected

Peter Menzies: Undermining institutional independence to own Big Tech

Colin Horgan: Save us, per-vote subsidy!

Harrison Ruess: Sitting through another Canadian emergency planning flop

Leigh Sarty: Russia is further than ever from becoming a normal country

Dispatch from the Front Lines: A separation in Ottawa, a ruling in Alberta, a TBD in Ontario

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.56: Let's carefully talk about the thing we don't want to talk about

Michelle Rempel Garner: On justice denied for the Yezidi people

Rahim Mohamed: Canada's aversion to tall poppies strikes again

Rigby and Juneau: Some advice for the prime minister upon the creation of his new National Security Council

Dispatch from the Front Line: Stop scaring the normies, CPC.

Adam Zivo: Yes, “safer supply” is really harming youth

Emergency Dispatch: The Blair Switch Project

Andrew Potter: The only problem with tourism is the tourists

Dispatch from The Front Line: Comms aren't the government's problem

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.55: The photo ops aren't worth getting someone killed

Mitch Heimpel: The Liberals are planning to lose a housing election

Philippe Lagassé: Ultimately, the confidence convention is all that matters

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Your disaster is important to us. The current wait time is: one decade.

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.54: Hey, where did the audio file go?

Matt Gurney: Australia, but in a bad way

Joshua Hind: It's time for some radical honesty about what's broken in Toronto

Peter Menzies: The government's retreat from C-18 is too late, and may prove too little, anyway

Special Update for Our Paid Subscribers

Dispatch from the Front Line: So this keeps getting worse. Enjoy the fireworks.

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.53: They're eyeball to eyeball. Who'll blink?

Kevin Newman: The CRTC can tell Bell 'No'

Andrew Tumilty: For Olivia Chow, winning might be the easy part

Dispatch from the Front Lines: So what the hell just happened, exactly?

Jen Gerson: The Bags Don't Contain Plastic

Matt Gurney: Toronto's a dump. Of course people are mad.

Flipping the Line: What the real problem is for the Gen-X generation

Dispatch from the Front Lines: It's the end of the world as we know it

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.52: Witnessing the end of the journalism golden age really sucks

Aftab Ahmed: Cash is a lifeline for domestic abuse survivors

Wilf Dinnick: C-18 is already too late to save Canada's legacy media

Tim Thurley: For gun-control, Canada isn't a blank slate

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Alright, who's the next-most-eminent Canadian?

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.51: The inevitable thing took slightly longer than it should have

Peter Menzies: The CRTC has been given its marching orders

Rahim Mohamed: What the Gen Xers are doing to U.S. politics

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Well that was a weird week

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.50: Please refer all complaints about this podcast to Navigator

Andrew Tumilty: Toronto needs to take its own democracy a lot more seriously

Philippe Lagassé : Enough with the excuses about Parliament and national security

Jen Gerson: Danielle Smith, the next Ralph Klein?

Flipping the Line: We all have a responsibility to vote

Dispatch from the Front Line: We don't just neglect security. We disdain it.

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.49: Failure, normalized

Ken Boessenkool: Why I won't vote in this election

Mitch Heimpel: David Johnston is Canada's newest guilty man

Philippe Lagassé: Former governors general should be neither seen, nor heard

Jen Gerson: Okay, but I don't trust you

Matt Gurney: The Johnston report is one of the most depressing things I've ever read

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Let [us] eat cake

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.48: When your best defence sounds like a confession

Adam Zivo: Moscow wants Moldova. Canada can help

Jen Gerson: Is this what failure looks like?

Rahim Mohamed: Well, what the heck is Rachel Notley, then?

Andrew Potter: It's not about the passport

Dispatch from the Front Line: What happens when societies can't keep up with their problems

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.47: The crazification/bonkersification of everything

Tim Thurley: Our gun-control proposals have a very basic failure — garbage data

Andrew Tumilty: How Ford threatens Poilievre

Dispatch from London: Can we put more of our problems in a castle on an island across the sea?

Flipping the Line: Alberta's premier is a Conservative

Dispatch from London: Let's do (big) lunch

Rahim Mohamed: Canada's anomalous Liberals may be running out of luck

Dispatch from London: Beware the chanting republicans, and bring an umbrella

Dispatch from the Front Lines: We love you, but you're not serious people

Patricia Treble: Will all eyes be on the King?

Mitch Heimpel: Michael Chong was failed, and that failure needs fixing

Justin Ling: Can we please just fix a damned problem, for a change?

Philippe Lagassé: Is Canadian republicanism a hopeless cause?

Karamveer Lalh: Danielle Smith is a Conservative

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Even the government has to cut itself out of the loop

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.46: Huh. Awful lot of weirdos in this big tent, eh?

Jared Wesley and Ken Boessenkool: Danielle Smith is not a conservative

Andrew MacDougall: Imagine there's no cable news

Philippe Lagassé: Sure, let’s spend more on defence, but what’s our long-term plan?

Peter Menzies: In the end, Tucker did it to himself

Kristin Raworth: The Liberals could actually fix abortion access while claiming to defend it

Dispatch from the Front Line: We will also not be reaching the NATO military spending target

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.45: Trudeau told NATO he wouldn't pay for BuzzFeed News so the government went on strike

Matt Gurney: Our feminist government, despite warnings, gets mugged by reality

Harrison Ruess: Why is the government attacking Canada’s aviation and aerospace jobs?

Jen Gerson: Everybody is being dumb

Andrew Tumilty: Poilievre might need a new business model

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Telford on the hot seat, then and now

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.44: A repeat performance from Telford, and the Minecraft misfits screw up

Mitch Heimpel: If Canada is broken, this is part of how we broke it

Flipping the Line: Liberalism Isn't Sucking the Meaning Out of Life

Adam Zivo: Musk, Ukraine, and the rights of social media companies

Paul Wells: An Emergency In Ottawa

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Brother, can you spare a per diem?

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.43: Let's outsource the government to NASA

Jen Gerson: Pols vs. Media

Andrew Potter: What's eating liberal democracy?

Rahim Mohamed: The president-to-prison pipeline

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Don't make us talk about America. No one likes that.

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.42: Speed-dating our way through all the stories of this wild week

Matt Gurney: Let's talk about what Canada being broken means

Jen Gerson: It may not be SNC-Lavalin, but it should be humiliating

Lyman Stone: Why aren't women having more babies? We should ask them

Andrew Tumilty: How many candidates is too many?

Colin F. Horgan: How the NHL can really signal it cares about gay rights

Jen Gerson: The Liberals, masters at winning themselves to death

Leigh Sarty: Don't overplay the Xi-Putin bromance

Ken Boessenkool: Johnston is the wrong man for the job

Melanie Paradis: Our deposit insurance limits are way too low

Leigh Sarty: Don't hold your breath waiting to see Putin in the dock

Dispatch from the front Line: Disclose it all and let God sort out the righteous

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.41: Enjoy this not-overtaken-by-news-events podcast while you can!

Kristin Raworth: The Liberals need to stop using "Sexism!" and "Racism!" as a shield

Matt Gurney: Well, so much for accepting reality

Adam Zivo: Why do the Liberals keep invoking Beijing’s talking points?

Flipping the Line: DST is good, actually

Jen Gerson: Goddamn DST

Dispatch from the Front Line: This prime minister has 22 problems

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.40: Alright, let's publish this before anymore breaking ne ... oh, God, what now?

Aftab Ahmed: Canada needs to do better with India, and fast

Mitch Heimpel: Ottawa needs a blast of sunlight and transparency — desperately

Matt Gurney: After weeks of getting punched in the face, the Liberals accept reality

Adam Zivo: The American Refugee

Dispatch from The Front Line: We will also be returning the cash from China

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.39: China Syndrome (not that one)

Jen Gerson: The Cult of the Horse

Emergency Dispatch: The China File

Matt Gurney: How the convoy almost beat the Canadian government

Juneau and Rigby: The Rouleau report missed an opportunity on intelligence

Dispatch from the Front Line: Crying “MAGA bigots” won’t save Trudeau

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.38: People do weird things when they're losing

Adam Zivo: What if Ukraine fell last year?

Andrew Potter: Finally, the West goes all-in on Ukraine

Mitch Heimpel: There is only one way Canadians will get the truth about Chinese election interference

Andrew MacDougall: Sturgeon goes fishing

Dispatch from the Front Line: All of the news everywhere all at once

Scott Van Wynsberghe: The history of spy ballooning is weirder than you think

Andrew Tumilty: If you've lost to Tory before, stay home

Kevin Wiener: Cut the conflict, root and stem

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Trudeau asks Biden to whip it out

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.37: A nice podcast to end a quiet wee — wait, WHAT?!

Steve Lafleur: We'll probably be fine, actually

Peter Menzies: Let it burn

Kristin Raworth: Why won't the Liberals give survivors what they are asking for?

Matt Gurney: Memo to David Lametti. You didn't 'get it right' because it's impossible

Dispatch from the Front Line: Not all failures are measured in polls or counted in ballot boxes

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.36: The LPC shoots itself in the foot, but won't ban the gun

Rahim Mohamed: Political tokenism isn't the answer to diversification

Harrison Ruess: Our fixation on the U.S. is a barrier to Canadian progress

Jen Gerson: We are probably doomed, though

Christopher Ragan: Time for some tough budget talk

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Toronto needs Batman. (Not the Adam West kind.)

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.35: Smith vs. the CBC, Toronto vs. itself

Andrew Potter: The Doomsday Clock gets its mojo back

Matt Gurney: Tanks for Ukraine solves some problems. It creates others

Ken Boessenkool and Mike Moffatt: Macklem can't afford another bad call

Kristin Raworth: A feminist government wouldn’t fight sex assault survivors in court

Dispatch From the Front Line: The Toronto Maple Leafs Award for Excellence in Governing

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.34: The First Canadian Space Age begins ... later

Mitch Heimpel: The rise (and fall) of a particular kind of lefty leader

Jen Gerson: Quit wine. Do heroin

Matt Gurney: Mourning an America

Stéphanie Chouinard and Andrew Parkin: The CPC needs to get back to bilingualism

Steve Lafleur: Hear me out. Maybe things are going to be okay?

Dispatch from the Front Lines: DeliveroLOLogy

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.33: Our moral obligation is to not screw up today

Q&A, Part 2: 'Our fatal overdose numbers have gone down dramatically off the peak.'

Q&A, Part 1: 'It’s the furtherance of a highly liberalized drug legalization agenda.'

Mitch Heimpel: Hockey has an Ovechkin problem

Rahim Mohamed: DeSantis, not Trump, is a sign of things to come for Canada

Dispatch from the Front Line: Welcome back People of The Line!

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.32: The year ahead will be amazing. Nothing will go wrong. It's smooth sailing from here.